Warning: Over 100 motion targets: 623


I am setting up a KUKA towards a positioner, and when I am doing an ARC weld it outputs this error.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Name::tempScript”, line 471, in OnStatementExecute
File “Name::tempScript”, line 1857, in setCurrentTarget
File “Name::tempScript”, line 1831, in readInPoint
File “Name::tempScript”, line 2064, in init
File “Name::tempScript”, line 2099, in readInPosition
TypeError: a float is required
Warning: Over 100 motion targets: 623
Error: The statement has wrong number of external joints
Warning: Over 100 motion targets: 624
Error: The statement has wrong number of external joints

Putting the error here in case it happens to anyone else.
Note: I am using Visual Components 4.3 with Delfoi, so this might be an error exclusive to this.

Thank you.

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I am experiencing the same bug.
I have modelled a 2 axis workpiece positioner and set the joints to the angles i want at the start of the program.
The positioner is set to locked during the path, but it moves back to 0 for both joints then the errors come up. I don’t know if these are related.

Old programs made in 4.0 work fine.

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I have also same issue any suggestion for this so please reply. Thanks in advance.

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Interesting. Is there an easier way to reproduce this? If I understand, the external joints are connected to the robot controller behavior, so each motion target and motion statement should have the required number of properties for each external joint value, e.g. E6POS variable. You can also try if clearing motion target and creating new one with each iteration in loop fixes the issue.

I am having this issue as well. Was a solution ever found for this?