Virtual Commosioning / force axis to integer value with simit

Hello everyone,
I´m new to this forum and I have a specific question concerning using SIMIT Connectivity.

We are interested in transmitting an integer signal (e.g., 0…255) from SIMIT to the simulation in real-time within a given time frame, and using this incoming integer signal to control the constant movement of a servo axis.

To clarify, let’s consider a servo with a travel distance of 256 mm. When the integer value is 16, we would like the servo to move to a position of 17 mm. Similarly, if the value is increased to 100, the servo should move in real-time to a position of 101 mm.

In essence, we want SIMIT to act as the master in this scenario, while the simulation’s role is to visualize the servo’s position. This is currently achievable using tools like Process Simulate.

Although I’ve noticed that mapping a boolean signal with SIMIT is possible, I am still uncertain about how to achieve the same with an integer signal. Our goal is to avoid simulating the axes’ behaviors (speed, acceleration, etc.) within VC itself; we only aim to visualize their positions.

Is there a way to implement this functionality within Visual Components?

Best regards,

Sven Suklitsch

The SIMIT connection can read and write the three data types available in couplings. Those can be then paired with many different VC simulation variables, including joint positions.

SIMIT Type .NET Type
Binary System.Boolean
Digital System.Int64
Analog System.Double