VC Experience - Use recorded camera doesn't work?


i created an Simulation with a simple cameraflow with the camera-animator. Then I export the simulation to vcax. In the options is a checkbox for “use recorded camera” -> I checked it and nothing happens…

Is that checkbox for view the recorded camera from the camera-animator or is it a bug?

Used Version of Experience

Checkbox CameraAnimator

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The guide is for version 1.3, so this must be something new in 1.4. I would assume you are correct in that it uses recorded camera animation during a simulation, thereby allowing you to playback the camera movements. But best if someone who knows for sure answers and/or update the guide.

The unupdatet guide is not the problem for me. The problem is the missing functionality… It would be realy great if this would work! :sunglasses:

I agree with you that it should work, and we should know how to make it work. I would recommend submitting a support ticket and report the issue. Please share the outcome if possible.