VC closes when Layout is closed


with an Layout I have the strange problem that VC closes when I closes the layout by clicking “File” -> “New”. I’m using VC Prof 4.2.2 and the layout is build with works.

I found out that the reason is, the pnp-connected gripper to a robot. -> If I disconnect and afterwards reconnect the the gripper by using pnp the problem is fixed.

But I won’t to fix the issue by this way because some teached robotmovments getting destroyed and the layout is quiet big… -> It would take me hours to reteach it!

I can’t debug this because VC getting closed immediately…

Is there a logfile I can look at for getting more informations or some other advices?

Thx & Regards

Maybe you could try the “Exchange Robots” command or robot program export / import to work around the issue of losing your data.