useful tool for videos

Hi. I found this useful tool for using with the youtube videos.

Bascially you can link a video from youtube.

As it plays you can take notes. Using ctrl J you can create a time stamp which is also a link so if you double click it, it will jump to the right place in the video.

You can save this files as otr type. Then at a later date load in the youtube video to the website again, import the otr file and all the links will work.

If you keep good keys words in your notes then you can use something like grepwin to search through all the text files in a folder. This will list all the otr files which contain the word you are looking for. That will let you know which videos reference what you are looking for. You can then load in the otr file and jump to the relevant bit and revise the bit of the tutorial which is relevant.

actually I have found an even easier way to do this.

If you use google chrome and search for Invideo for youtube.

install the addon. go to the video on you tube

Please the green button. (InVideo)

A dialog will appear with the full transcript.

If you cut and paste the text and save as text file with the video name

add them all to the same directory.

using grepwin you can search through all the text files. which will then point you to the right video, and the time stamp will tell you where to jump to in the video