use of interactivecComponentSelect

I am looking for some assistance in a function to select a component (using python) and returning me the most left, right, front and rear coordinates of that component.
Or the most left, right, front and read coordinates of a geometry within that component.
I can use the interactiveSnap but that provides me a way to select a point, or surface…

I don’t really know how to do the picking, but at least you can calculate the edges pretty easily if you can just select a component or a node.

What you are after is essentially the bounding box of a component or its child node.
See the vcNode.BoundCenter and vcNode.BoundDiagonal properties in the Python API reference. Note that vcComponent inherits from vcNode.

You may need to do some vector math to transform those to the desired coordinate system such as world coordinates. See the vcNode.localToWorld and vcNode.worldToLocal methods.