Unloading multiple objects on conveyor

Hi all,

I have a simple layout with a pallet feeder feeding pallets and an AGV picking a box from pick location and placing it on the drop location. I want the box to be fed on the top of pallet so that the pallet moves along with the box. But it seems that as the conveyor already has a pallet, the box can’t be unloaded onto it. So there can be either pallet from pallet feeder on the conveyor, or the box from the agv drop location conveyor. How can I have both the pallet and box at the same time. Please can anyone provide suggestions? If I need to use works library or something. Thanks,

I have attached 2 pictures of the layout


You can use a python script to make the box a child component of the pallet.




you could also use the XYZ Bundler component with checked PalletMode property and Pallet-option FromLeft/RightConveyor . The bundler component has two interferaces. One for the pallet move in and on for the box move in. You can also define the pattern of the boxes on the pallet.





Thanks for the reply. But I couldn’t find the xyz bundler, palletMode property and Pallet option component. I checked in the component properties of a normal conveyor for this but couldn’t.I have attached a picture. Please let me know if that is called the xyz bundler component or is it something totally different and I am searching in wrong component.




you can find the bundler component in the eCat public folder:

But I realize there is a small bug the component. I have attached a fixed one.




XYZ_bundler_fixed.vcmx (105 KB)