Trying to make a conveyor which has TwoWayPath Path is linked into the frames 1,2 and 3 (in the picture). My goal is to infeed components on to the conveyor from both of its ends. After the products are loaded to the conveyor, it moves away to unloading station. From the other side (marked number 1 in the picture) loading on conveyor works just fine. The products move on conveyor and conveyor takes them away. But when I’m trying to load the conveyor from the another side (number 2) the components just stop and don’t get on the conveyor.

I am changing the direction of the path and I establish new connection to the path which is giving the components. I also clear old connection.

I solved this problem with another TwoWayPath on top of first one and it works. But i wanted to ask is this possible to do with one TwoWayPath? I think my problem is in the output and input sections of TwoWayPath.

So inclosure of this confusing explanation has anyone done this and how? :joy: :rofl:

Have a great weekend!!


Sure you can do it that way but why not cut some corners and use eCat components?

I can’t see the video. I don’t want to cut corners :smiley:



Maybe I’m ready for weekend :smiley: Needed to tick both boxes so connection works both ways.

Thanks for the tip @juhahai found right setting from visual components model :smiley:

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