Transformation eines eigenen Produktes bei ausgabe durch den Process feeder


I have a problem creating my own product with the Process Feeder.
I have set the path of my component under Processes>Products. The Process Feeder puts the component on the conveyor belt but not in the right position. The origin of the component is at the same height as the conveyor belt (see picture). But manipulating the origin frame does not change the position of the component. (See picture I made Tz to -1000, but the component is at the same height as before).

I want the component to lie completely on the conveyor belt.

Hi @Linkermi

I think the product creator has a setting ‘ApplyProductTypeOrigin’ that is disabled by default. You could enable this, and make sure that your path has RetainOffset Enabled.

Another solution is to move the origin of your part to a more suitable position and orientation by using the Move origin tool.

Also note that assigning a component to a Product Type creates an internal copy and any changes you make to the component after that don’t apply to the Product Type. You will need to assign the component again to update the internal copy.