Traditional Chinese users


Are there any users who want the GUI and Help to be in Traditional Chinese?

Hi, zesty:

Garbled characters will appear when obtaining the geometry of a Chinese name through the Name property, but there will be no garbled characters when obtaining the name of a component.

How to solve the problem of garbled Chinese?

Please submit a support ticket about this issue. Garbled is most likely unicode issue.

The attachment below is a simple example, please help me to check the reason.

正方体.vcmx (27.9 KB)

What version of software are you using? And what is your OS?

I am using 4.2.0 on a Windows 10 machine (English). The text is not grabbled both in GUI and in Output when running simulation.

I use windows system.

Since version 4.2 is not very familiar, the currently used version is still 4.1.

I just tried to use the 4.2 version, there is really no garbled characters, but I want to confirm that whether the 4.1 version can solve this problem?

I tested now in 4.1.2 and it is not garbled. I am using English version of Windows 10, and I tested with software language in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Are you using Chinese regional setting in Windows? But at this point I would recommend continuing this via support channel unless someone else has experienced the issue you are describing.

Ok,thank you very much for your help.

And I will continue to pay attention to subsequent updates. :slight_smile:

hi zesty~
do you have chinese course or data about visual components ?

No course or data except what is in help file. If you are in mainland China, contact support or regional partner to get access to Academy tutorials if accessing YouTube is not possible. However, I’m always in a story, so what would do you or others want to learn via a course?