The product was destroyed

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I am building a flow where a product has to be disassembled by a robot. The composite product comes on a conveyor, the robot picks the lid of the component and places it to the second conveyor. After the lid is taken then the robot continues with disassembling the composite product.

My issue is that when the lid or any other part is placed on the second conveyor “PartsOut::ProcessExecutor__HIDE__::PartsOut::Transport Out warning: The product was destroyed.” error happens.

PartOut is a process node that should just receive parts on the second conveyor.

Is there a way of getting rid of this error?

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Well, the error means that the TransportOut statement was given the product to transport out and before that finished something deleted the product from the world.

The TransportOut not being done with the product even though it has been moved somewhere and then later deleted can be e.g. due to the TransportOut being “To next process” yet the product getting “stolen” by robot grab action which doesn’t register as proper transport. If you use such direct manipulation without proper transport controller then you either shouldn’t use TransportOut at all, or use “To component container” mode in it.

If I understood correctly, you kind of steal one product (the lid) from the assembly and then transport the rest out properly. You would need to handle the lid separately and only after that use GetAssembly and TransportOut or something like that.

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I recommend asking the technical support team for help. If you have VC maintenance, you can send them the layout and describe the issue.

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Thank you @Este and @TSy