Tab name just can be set once

Tab name just can be set in the first time. In any case edit the property can’t change tab name.


I assume you are referring to the ribbon tab. What’ your code like? How are you are setting the tab name?

Some property named ‘Id’ should return string contains ‘Id’ or it will not be distinguished ?

Maybe I found the reason.

I have wrote a micro framework to store some public code, however, if I named it ‘Plugin.’, it will load in alphabetical order ,which makes some mistake.

Just as I show that I move some code to another dll, it will excute the dll code first and it can’t work in the end.

So the new question is that I want to know the order of dll, like ‘Plugin.’, ‘UX.’ or more about its loading order.

You shouldn’t depend on dll loading order but instead use the MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) to handle any dependencies between your classes and then you can have some custom initialization logic that determines the execution order as you desire.

So for example you can have a some kind of IMyPlugin interface defined in you own “plugin manager” dll. That manager dll can use then use ImportMany to get all implementations of IMyPlugin exported from any dll and call e.g. IMyPlugin.Initialize() on each of them in desired order. You could also do this in reverse by exporting IMyPluginManager and importing that in all your plugin implementations.

I probably understand, but how can I prevent the other plugin called by VC, should I change the plugin prefix which named ‘Plugin.Demo’ to ‘MyPlugin.Demo’ for stopping loading? Have any example demo about ‘plugin manager’? I don’t know how to write like deliverying ‘IoC’ to the children nodes or deliverying more unknown but neccessary object.