Start Simulation with Machines/Processes In Progress


I have built a simulation consisting of 12 machines calling for materials from a feeder/robot. When I start my simulation, the 12 machines are empty and all call for materials at once. The robots that transfer the materials are then overloaded from the batch calls. Then, when the machines finish their processing task, the same transfer robots are overloaded again to transfer the materials out and call for new ones.

Realistically, the machines would be calling for product at different times causing a steady stream of work for the robots, rather than batching demands all at once… Is there any way to start my simulation where certain machines/processes are already in progress to avoid mission batching as described?


You could add some delay as a warmup for the machines. Alternatively, you could also start some of the machines so that there is already a part inside. Just modify the processes as you see fit.

One example of modifying the default machine processes is in VC 4.3 eCatalog layout ‘Dual Gripper Machine Tending’.