Start error: Unhandled expception(KUKA.Sim)


INFO: KUKA.Sim 4.1.0 version of VC.

I have gotten a start error each time the program is started. It began after adding the Image Export button to the Quick Access Toolbar in the top of the window. Now it is just an empty space and the error window shows at startup.

I am able to remove it by either trying to add it again or by adding another shortcut to the toolbar. And if I close the program correctly it returns to the same error next time the program is started. It does not remember my window setup.

How and where can I delete the window setup file, so I am able to start at a default state. A re-installation did not do anything.

Picture of the ERROR



For VC it is stored in:

%LocalAppData%\Visual Components\Visual Components Premium 4.5\AppConfig\4.5.0\app.config

There is an element called QatRibbonTools.

Thanks TSy

That seemed to help :slight_smile: I’ve deleted the specific row, with
<add id="VcTabHomeVcRibbonExportExportToBitmap" />

If others have sort of the same issue, the KUKA.Sim version is stored in:

%LocalAppData%\AppData\Local\KUKA\KUKA.Sim 4.1\AppConfig\4.1.0\app.config