Simulation time and part creation.

Hi, how do i create a part with feeder
within a pre-determined time. For example, if I want to create a part at 13.01 ( And using the simulation run time, not real time.

Hi August18,

You can use Process Modeling product feeder in table mode. You need to use MS Excel to create a new table sheet. In the first column you need to add the product name you want to create. The second column you need to define the simulation time in seconds. ((( 13 hrs x 60 hrs/min ) + 1 min ) x 60 sec/min = 46860 sec )
Take for example Feeder Process component, go to ProductCreator tab, and change the mode to Table. Then define the file that you made with Excel.

If you want to use Python scripting to create a component, you can just use delay and then use the creator.create() method.