Hello Everyone,

I recently started making simulations, but currently I have a issue of size. A 20 minute simulation ends up as 2 GB in data size. Before VC starts recording, the VCAX file size is already 0.5 GB.


Meanwhile Visual Components generic layouts have more geometry and process yet it is so light a 20 minutes simulation will end up as 20 MB. How can I achieve that size, is it the models I have in the layout? If so how can I slim them down more than what I already did? Is there a third party software I can use to slim down the models?


Thank You!

Your imported models might include uncompressed and high resolution bitmaps as textures. Another possible issue is lack of geometry sharing between your components so same meshes are included multiple times.

How do I get rid of the high resolution bitmaps as textures?

At some point I have to switch the product into another model to fix different issues. Is that what you mean by same meshes included multiple times?