Simulation behavior using OPC-UA


I have a simulation where i’m using boolean variables to decide on the robot’s next action and the value of these booleans is sent via OPC-UA (currently i’m running twincat on my PC but end goal is to use a beckhoff plc).

my problem is that when i raise booleans on my own pace the robot in the simulation seems to “jump” from place to place whereas if i raise the booleans in a sequence the movement seems to be more smooth.

for example - i have 2 sequences

  1. robot picks up an object from point A and places it on point B - executed when bool moveA is raised.
  2. robot picks up an object from point B and places it on point A - executed when bool moveB is raised.
if i raise both moveA and moveB together - the second sequence seems to be smooth. if i raise them one at a time at my own pace (wait till the each sequences finishes) - the robot seems to "jump".

any thoughts?



If by jumping you mean the display frame rate dropping that causes “choppy” animation, I suspect you have some logic in the layout or interaction with the PLC that is causing unexpected heavy computation load.
Could be some kind of “feedback loop” where the variables suddenly change thousands of times per second or something.