Shape Feeder Stop on time


How to set “stop producing parts for a Shape feeder after a certain amount of time”? Is there an opportunity to set a time limit for feeders?

Thanks in advance

I don’t remember.

A few options in the meantime.

Option 1
Calculate the limit of parts and base your interval on that.

Option 2
Use the CreateOnSignal option with a signal that pulses for the needed duration and interval.

Note that the Warmup Feeder in eCat can be used for Option 1 as well and is mentioned in this tutorial

Or you can create another python code in feeder that counts time and after it finishes counting you can set a boolean property to true.

And meanwhile your main python code can check for that boolean property to be false everytime it creates a new part.

I used this to calculate shifts for the resources and it worked well for me.