Servo Controller arround Rz

Hello everyone,
I try to rotate a pulley around the Z axis (rotation of the pulley on itself) but I have a strange phenomenon. It seems that the rotation is linked to another external axis. If someone could help me. I attach my project to my request.

Servo rotation.vcmx (192.6 KB)

Hi @Houari

There is a offset in your link that needs to be removed. Rotating joints always rotate around their “center” origin.
To remove the offset, you need to go to modeling, set the move mode to selected, and then remove the offset.

Example attached:
rotate_example.vcmx (305.5 KB)

Hi @Este
Can you move or snap the link origin?
Your snap and move origin button is unavailable.
I met this situation recently.
I can snap or move feature and component’s origin, but cannot snap or move link origin.

Hi @chungmin

You can still use the “normal” snap tool to do this. The Origin move and snap do not work for this.
They only work for component and feature origin, not node origin. Don’t ask why ¯\(ツ)

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