Safety configuration in KUKASIM

I’m trying to configure a safety configuration in kukasim 4.0.2 But it seems impossible.

The configuration is simple: just a protected space where robot can not go inside.

  • I create a tool (TOOL_TCP), with the tcp and 2 spheres. I also activate the tool in that box.
  • Then I create a protected space (Space 1), allways active and stop at boundaries.The dimensions are related to Reference system world.
  • The cell configuration is big enough for have inside all the components.

So, if I create a trajectory with a point P1 outside the protected space, when I run the program, the robot doesn’t stop. The robot goes inside and outside the protected space without stopping…

So, my question: how should i do to make the safety configuration work properly?
Am I missing some KS option?

thanks in advance.

Is there something in the documentation that can help you? I don’t remember if you need to set some $ in the code and/or configure the workspace and wire signal. You should be able to configure it in the project and/or connect to controller to see if things work out. If nothing helps then using the zone as a collision detector can stop the simulation when robot comes within minimum distance of the zone or intersects with it.

I think there is no documentation for KukaSim, i will ask Kuka Service.