Robot programming & Works library


I am working with the works library to create a process line and I find a little problem trying to program the robot to pick the pieces as it should.

The piece is designed to be picked by a handle, but the automatic program of the robot grabs it for another part, I tried to alter the program reconfiguring the points P1 (vcHelperJointMove) and P2 (vcHelperLinearMove) but whe I reset the simulation they always come back to their original positions.

It is something related to use works library?

How can I keep the new coordinates fixed?


Thank you

Hi again,

It keeps messing with me.

My model was working (more or less) with the accuracy problems mentioned earlier but now it’s gone worse. vcHelperJointMove sets a point completly out of reach of the robot and I have no idea why. Its supossed to feed a work station near itself, there is no sense to that point.

Help please

Visual-Components.bmp (5.93 MB)