Robot Controllers doing "work"

I have modelled a production line which has 2 process nodes and a robot controller with a robot mounted on top of it.
I want both process nodes to requested a “work sequence” from the robot. But each process requires the robot to run a different sequence of work as they are in a different location and need the robot to perform a slightly different task.
My question is, can the robot run 2 different work statements from the same controller? If so, how? If not, what other methods can i use which does not involve adding another robot?

Instead of adding the “work” statement in the process node, I selected the “RunRobotRoutine” statement. Having already created a different Subprogram in the program tab for the selected robot this was called for in the RoutineName (remembering to use " ").
This appears to have fixed the issue.
Good luck out there!

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