Question about the hidden option of component


I found a convenient way to simulate my own conveyor .

Let the conveyor of VC type that has been set up size as a kind of logic, then input my model . After aligned, hide the VC conveyor.

But, for now , I could only hide the VC type in modeling tab, but sometimes ,it’s not convenient .If i hide the whole component, the part which is Conveying will hide too.

The work process has a option on properties to hide model without component.

So, is there anyway to model the component to add the option ?


Hi yelan123,

  1. Create a Boolean type property to your component
  2. Put your geometry under a Switch feature (as one group/transform feature)
  3. Type in the name of the Boolean property in the Switch's "Choice" property
Now the property value will be equal to zero when the checkbox (boolean) is not checked and nothing is shown. Checking the property will show the first feature under the Switch. So, in order to show everything in the switch, group all to the first feature as a Transformation.


Hi jouha,

Thanks for you reply!

I have followed your instructions to create a Boolean type propety and put my geometry under a Switch feature.But I still don’t understand the step 3.

I don’t see the property which is named “Choice”.

So,could you give me more details?









I can help with Choice issue.

  1. Create Switch Feature
  2. Select Switch from tree
  3. Modify Choice property

Then drag geometry group under Switch.



Hi keke

Thanks very much! I got it !