Product takes certain amount of time through conveyors

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In the process that I am building products have to go from Process #1 to Process #2 in 1500 s.
What I want to do, but I don´t know if its possible in VC, is the moment the product transports out of Process #1 time starts counting for that product, therefore when it arrives to Process #2 its has to be Delay less than 1500 s. Also when the products start queuing in Process #2 each product only remains 1500 s between Process #1 and Process #2, so if it queue for 500s it only remains Delayed 1000s in Process #2.

I attach an example of the vcmx

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conveyor_buffer_test.vcmx (465.7 KB)

In VC 4.4 you can get the current simulation time using SimTime() function in an expression.

So you could use the Assign statement to assign to a product’s property the time it (approximately) left your process A, and then use that value and current simulation time in other processes, again with expressions.

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Thank you!
If I don’t have VC 4.4 is there a way to do it?

With older versions of VC you wouldn’t be able to set or compare the simulation time just with PM statements and would need to use Python scripting instead.

You could make a component that exposes current simulation time as a component property, which you can then access in PM processes using the Get property statement. There are some clock components in eCat you could probably modify for this.

For “stamping” the simulation time to products or their components you could modify the “Property setting point” component found from eCat.

Thank you!

I’ll try it this way.