ProcessModeling: Missing Functions


I am currently testing the new VC_4.2.

I try to find in the new ProcessModeling the Functions WaitSignal and WriteSignal like in Works Process… :frowning:

Is there a way to do similar things?

See following pictures …

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Not in 4.2.0. You’ll need to use Get Property and Wait Property Condition statements for now.

Hy tsy,

and how can I realize with GetProperty and WaitPropertyCondition the same functionality?

I can’t find out to do it… -> Why must I choose Property of Behavior, I need to set it’s value…

Thx for your time!



You can’t read or write signals with current process statements but would need to use component properties instead. Get Property statement creates a “reference” variable to the property, which can be used to read and write the value of the target property with other statements.

However, there could be a completely different way to accomplish what you are trying to do in general without using signals or properties for communication.

Hy TSy,

I like Signals! :wink: