Process Modeling with double gripper on 3 Machine processes


Unfortunately I am not getting anywhere with my program. I have a machine with 3 fixtures. For all 3 I have modeled a process. It should be that first all 3 fixtures are loaded and then the gripper fetches the next part and changes the gripper and takes out the finished part and inserts the new one. This for all 3 processes. The only difference is that when the robot takes out the first finished part, it takes the whole plate with it. I do not understand the problem. See picture. Enclosed is the file.

NewVersion.vcmx (48.3 MB)

I don’t really know, but I suspect the robot transport controller doesn’t fully support such multi-gripper configurations yet.

If you look at the (generated?) robot program, it does a grab when it should release instead, which causes the robot to grab the plate.