Problems with Kuka Fivve series

When trying to jog or snap, using the purple cirlce in the jog frame, the orientation of the robot does not change. The orientation also doesn’t change when rotating with the jog handles.

Set orientation is checked and works with every other robot, it’s as if the frame are not connected to the right nodes.

Can anyone else replicate this bug?

Luckily the sixx series robots work.

fivve series robots are five axis (No A4 in real robots) and they operate wrist down. That’s why they have PalletizingMode enabled in their kinematics and this prevents you orienting TCP to different poses. So the models work as intended more or less.


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Thank you for the explanation, that makes a lot more sense now.
It looks like a 6 axis at first glance and joints A1-6 are still listed in the component properties so that didn’t click for me.
Now that I look, both the Kuka Fivve and Sixx series are discontinued now anyway.