Prioritizing tasks performed by Humans in process modeling method

/Hello Everyone,

I would like to know if I can prioritize tasks performed by a human in the process modeling method. I have attached the model in this post. I am using humans to carry out two types of tasks, as mentioned below:

  1. Pick and Place Task: Picking parts from pallets and placing them on process nodes and after processing placing them again on a pallet.

  2. Processing task: The human works on a part in a process node. At the first node, it takes 30 seconds while in the second process node, it takes 270 seconds (i.e., 4.5 minutes).

When the simulation runs for roughly 1hr 55 mins, there creates a situation where the human worker is continuously switching between two process nodes. The worker will process one part at each process node and then switch to another node. In this situation, the robot cannot pick up the parts from the pallet to load them into machines unless and until the pallet is full. Thus the waiting time increases of robot and machine both increase.

One of the solutions is to prioritize the task performed by the human worker and always fill the pallet first that the robot will require and then only shift to the second processing node.

I am looking forward to some suggestions.


Model.vcmx (501.8 KB)

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