Position Tracking of physical objects

Hi guys,
is it possible to track the position of a physical link during the simulation ?

As shown in the attached picture, I have an axis on which a slider is going from side to side (defined as a translational joint, controlled by the ServoController and defined as physicstype “kinematic”) On the slider is a weight, fixed with a PhysicsJoint which is locked in all dimensions. The weight is defined as “InPhysics”.

For the Moment I tried to get the actual Position of the Weight with the PositionMatrix from vcMatrix. Unfortunately this just gives me the coordinates of the offset when the simulation is started and not the actual position of the weight when the slider is moved.

Does someone have any idea how to track the current position of the weight while the slider is moving ?


Have you tried:


PositionMatrix is only relative to the parent object.

Not yet, but I will try