Position Component on the fly

Hi there,

I have a requirement of placing components in the 3D world on the fly. For example, in the picture below I have placed the lathe at coordinates 0,0,0.


deffault coordinats at 0,0,0


However, I would like to change that frame in the lathe that positions it at 0,0,0. Say for instance I want one of the corners (and not the midpoint of the front side) of the lathe at 0,0,0. How can that be achieved?


You can use Move/Snap origin tools to change Component’s origin. Check the attached video for a quick tutorial on those tools.


move_origin.mp4 (3.42 MB)

Thanks, that works :smiley:

Just adding to this, is it possible to add components to the 3D world from the eCatalog, once the simulation is running, using the VCID, component name, etc.? I currently have the component hidden that I clone and make visible during runtime and am not a huge fan of this approach.

Be aware that loading a component triggers a reset of simulation. For example, if you run simulation, and then drag and drop a component from eCat to 3D world the simulation will automatically reset.

You might already know this ==> A Component Creator behavior can be used to add components during simulation. For example, feeders in the eCat can use either URI or vcid:<vcid of component> to generate a component in 3D world during runtime.

Modifying the URI of a component creator during runtime…

  • The way a Works Component adds new components is one approach.
  • Another way is to do what an Advanced Feeder does where you have a component creator reserved for each type of component you want to add, which in this case is three creators for three different components.
  • Since this is API thread, consider having a dictionary in your script that contains the vcid values of the components you want to add, which is the approach used by the Shape Feeder in eCat.