Own Component from eCat created with ComponentCreator not unique


I’ve created a component cosisting of several geometries. When i create it all of them are invisible. Then i gradually show more and more of the geometries to show how the part develops throughout the process.

However, when i have created several parts all of them have the same geometries visible. So if i update the part in station 4, all the parts in startion 1-3 gets the same updates.

Is there a way to make sure that the ComponentCreators create unique components?

I’ve tried to loop through all the geometries at creation and run geometry.makeUnique(), but it doesn’t help.

My current work around is to use app.load(vcid), but the component is somewhat heavy and it laggs much more than to just use a creator.

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The method that works for me is to create an integer variable to the component, for e.g. “ProcessStep”. When the components travels through the process this variable is incremented by each workstation with python. Then just use Switch features (and expressions ProcessStep >= 1, ProcessStep >= 2, etc) for each separate geometry to show more features as ProcessStep is incremented.




You can also use works tile for easier and better simulation data.