Omidirectional AGVs / fluid movements

Hi there,

I’m looking for a easy solution to visualize some omidirectional agvs for an animation. When i use some default agv i can select omidirectional or bidirectional, but not omnidirectional, so the main advantages of omidirectional ahvs are not simulated.

Is there any way to achieve this without programming or what would there be necessary if so? Also im looking for smoother movements for the Animation during the turing movements of the agv.

If someone allready achieved this please let me know. So any tips hints are warmly welcomed.

Thank you



If it is purely for animation, you could model your own AGVs like 2 axis (or maybe 3) cartesian robots that have a rotating 3rd axis and then use the Program tab to make all your movements. I think combining that with any simulation logic like actually transporting products would be difficult.