Objects don`t attach to conveyor paths


I watched Visual components tutorial about " How to Attach Objects to Conveyor Paths" but the box doesn´t move along the conveyor. What should I do?

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Could you attach your model so we can see what has potentially gone wrong.

Tuotantosolu.vcmx (4.2 MB)

Here is my model and thanks for quick response.

Check the process that creates and transports out the box. There are some inconsistencies in it.
You can solve the issues if you study the Process Modeling tutorials in the Academy. One good lesson could be to check this one: Destination and Source | Visual Components Academy

Also, there is no need to use the Attach tool to attach the process node or the feeder to the conveyor since those are already using the sensor interface.

Also, the conveyor seems to be turned off initially, but once you activate the signal the box will start moving.

Finally, if you want to use the robots with process modeling, you should replace the Works controllers with PM Transport Controllers.