"No attribute" Place Parts On Moving Objects


I watch the video “Place Parts On Moving Objects” and follow the instruction but an error message appears “AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘ComponentCount’” so the robot doesn’t pick the object.

Why “path” is a nonetype object?

Thank you


None type means you didn’t get the handle for the object. In the tutorial path behaviour handle is gotten by using the findBehaviour method and referring to the path by its name. On your model path may have a different name. You can check the behavior tree which behaviors there are and what names they have.


When I finished the model of “Place Parts On Moving Objects” according to the official video textbook,(https://academy.visualcomponents.com/lessons/place-parts-on-moving-objects/) the speed of the manipulator became slower and slower in the process of operation.Why is that?The textbook is version 4.0.4, and I used version 4.1.2. Is it related to the version?Ask each elder to help confirm, how should modify code?