Multiple physic paths in a component


I have multiple physics paths in a component and they interfere with each other.
For example I have one path going from the beginning to the middle of a conveyor and from the middle to the and three paths going to the right side of the conveyor.

Now the component moves to the side even though it hasn’t reached a side path at all. If I deactivate all but the first path going to the middle the component still goes to the end. If I activate the path going from the middle to the end the component still moves, even though it is at the beginning.

How can I make it so that they only move once they reach the path defined by the frames?

Sounds like a bound box/body issue. Are the pushing features for each path defined? Are the path behaviors in same node/link in the component?

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No pushing feature. Don’t even know what it does.
Everything is in the same node.

Edit: Alright got it, thanks. Didn’t know I also need to define the feature it can move on.

Everything could be in same node. Generally, that setup requires the use of pushing features to specify the bodies applying the force. I don’t remember the particulars of how geometry orientation affect push direction, but here is simple example.

Layout - Test Physics Paths.vcmx (235.2 KB)
Quick Physics Paths Test.vcmx (21.3 KB)

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