Moving parts of a larger product inside a WorksProcess "station"

Hello everyone,

I’ building a process line where a robot needs to perform different actions on the product, testing parts, etc. I am using worksprocess to set the lay-out and the different work stations. The issue comes in the final step, the robot moves some parts of the product and after that, those parts are not considered “contained” in the WorksProcess anymore, so when the piece leaves the station the moved parts are left behind.

Is this the normal behaviour? Can I put the parts in the WorksPorcess again or prevent them from beeing expeled?

Thank you very much

Hello d.lopez!!

Did you solved this issue???

I’m facing a similar problem…

I have a robot process that will pick a component in one WorksProcess but I’m not able to “attach” it again.



In my Experience in that case I use a Works attached In the tool Frame of my EOAT and sync the work process with Write and Wait signals to Remove or Create the accesories or parts in my main product, it the better option that I find with my limited recourses.

i try to create task that “writesignal” or “waitsignal”.
when i fill in a name of robot ,the "signalname"enter key without choice.
should i create a signal in robot?
can you show a example about create “writesignal” task.


how can i use a sensor signal in workprocess


do you want sent a sensor signal to the workprocess?
you can use a waitsignal task in the workprocess.