Move Robot without starting Simulation


I want to move a Robot (in a Python script) without actually running a Simulation. In the ‘Programming’ tab, it’s possible to mouse click a motion statement and ‘teleport’ the robot to the defined position, without it visibly moving there. I’d like to recreate that jump, skipping the actual motion, in my script.

What I’ve tried already is adding a motion statement to the main routine of my robot program, which almost works the way I want it to. The issue is, I have to manually click the motion statement in the ‘Programming’ tab for the robot to jump to the position.

In total I have about 1.2mil motions that have to be executed and evaluated, and my PC is just not powerful enough to run a simulation at adequate speed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

If your goal is to just evaluate reachability of those points, look into vcMotionTarget topic in the Python API documentation.

vcRobotController also has moveImmediate(target) method for teleporting the robot to a given position.

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Thank you very much, moveImmediate() is exactly what I was looking for.
I’m trying to detect if there is a collision at the desired position, not the reachability.