Modeling manipulators on top of mobile platforms

While trying to model and simulate the cooperative work of a manipulator assembled on top of a mobile platform, on which the mobile platform moves the manipulator to the desired picking / placing position and the manipulator grabs the parts, I am facing a problem.

The mobile platform moves to the desired position and stops were it is desired (around 12 sec.). It stays stopped at the spot while the manipulator grabs a part for transportation and after this, the mobile platform does not go all the way, that is cuts off path.

The programming for this behavior was performed in Python and to define its path we used vectors

We cannot understand what the problem with this model is, and why the mobile platform doesn’t resume its motion from the position where it stopped.

The developed model, where this can be verified is attached to this email.

PESTA_final-3.vcmx (195 KB)