Modeling Gripper


Is there any way to make a node have two node parents that are siblings in the hierarchy? Because i’m trying to modeling a gripper similar to the pioneer tire spray machine and i’m having trouble to make the legs node follow the movement of the arms node(witch have to do a rotational movement) in between the main node(witch will have a translational movement and the servo controller and is resposible to create all the movement of the gripper) and the legs node(witch are fixed to the base of the gripper and do a rotational movement that is connected to the movement of the arms and the main node).

But the problem is that if i child one of the arms node to the main node the legs will not follow the arms node but if i child the arms node to the legs node the arms node wont follow the main node in the center.

sounds confusing. node can have only parent, but it can follow another node. you also have the option to add one or more redundant nodes that are fixed joints. haven’t used the Value and Offset expressions in a while, so i can’t help that much, but you should be able to use conditional operate x?y:z in the joint value expression.

Wack-a-mole.vcmx (82.5 KB)

Yes it sounds confusing and probably my explanation didn’t help.

What i’m trying to modeling is something similar to the two finger robotiq gripper in the eCatalog, but i’m not having success.

On the file attached you can see what type of movement i’m trying to achieve and you can also see that the LEG node does not move as intended because it is supposed to move with ARM node. I already tried to child the LEG node to the ARM node but it still would not move accordingly because he would not be fixed to the BASE node.

My guess is that i should make the ARM node a custom joint but every time i do that i simply can’t associate any kind of movement to that joint and the node just becomes static.


RANDOMTESTS.vcmx (1.13 MB)