Model a plate to PNP two or more grippers

VisualComponents Professional 4.3

Hi everyone,

I encoutered some difficulties those last days trying to model a plate that can be plugged to one singular robot. But on that same plate i want to plug 2 grippers executing different pick and place program on the same robot. And in all of that i tried first the wizard end effector but it doesn’t suit exactly to my case.
I tried to add myself the behaviours but it would’t work right. On the photos you can visualize my work and where i’m heading to.

First picture shows the plate that i could connect with PNP due to the Wizard End Effector. Second what my final piece would look like.

P.S: Hereby attached i also give you my visual component file.

Thank you in advance for all your help.




Gripper plate.vcmx (94.7 KB)