Migrate add-ons from 2014 to 4.0

What add-ons are you using in 2014 that you now want to use in 4.0? Hopefully, we can collaborate and get your add-ons working asap.


enclosed you will find a simple example add-on to show the joint values of a component in a property dialog. The command logic uses the getDialog()-method of vcHelpers.Application to create the property dialog.

In version 2014 I could use the command multiple times with different components and I got multiple dialogs. Now all properties of all components are shown in the one ActionPanel and there is no possiblity to use multiple ActionPanel at on time.

What have to be done to get the same functionality as in version 2014?






JointValues.zip (1.57 KB)

Currently not possible in Python API. You would need to develop the dialog creation with .NET and use WPF to create a modal custom dialog box or pane, and then use netCommand() to execute that action item. If you use a pane or dockable panel, you could group together each instance in a panel group instead of having dialogs floating everywhere.

So I would first create a simple plugin for the action and follow this article to create the dialog, and then create a Python Add-on that executes the action.


is there any possiblity to use the ActionPanel of Python command in different Context Tabs while executing the command. When I executing a Python command in the Configure Tab the ActionPanel will be closed automatically when switching to the Modeling Tab. Is there any possibilty to let the ActionPanel still opened?


Nope. Some options:

  • Submit a feature request.
  • Develop a .NET command that calls a dockable panel that ignores event changes related to the workspace, so the panel is always visible unless closed by your code.