Maintaining assigned materials through import from .dwg

trying to import large 3D .dwg file of a building,

materials assigned in .dwg are appropriate and have correct colors, shading, texture etc.

when I import geometry, the file shows as understanding most shapes and faces are different materials when assigned with ‘create a new material if no good match in library is selected’. but it assigns strange colors not anything like I have show in .dwg

how do I keep material assignment matching in order to avoid hours of material assignment after import?

Have you tried using the option that creates a new material every time?

Colors matching is using some generic color algorithm based on RGB color distance. One way to change the distance tolerance and, therefore, getting closer matches is by modifies a property in the app.config file.

  1. open C:\Users{your_user}\AppData\Local\Visual Components{vc product}\AppConfig\\app.config

  2. Search for “importMaterialsThreshold” and set its value, for example, to 20 (it has to be more than 4)