Machine with changing electrodes

Hi, I am doing a project that involves an Electric Discharge Machine (EDM). A robot arm will put parts that will be processed into the machine and change the electrode in the EDM. There are no EDMs in the eCataloge, if I an to create a custom machine, how would I implement the electrode changing function? The robot arm will remove the electrode in the EDM, place it on a pallet and pick up another electrode to put into the EDM.

It seems like your idea is to replace the tool electrode? Under normal circumstances, the quick replacement tool function provided by the robot controller will be used. There are related teaching videos on YouTube:

This will require you to ensure that the tool electrodes have corresponding interfaces for connecting to the robot arm. Of course, if you don’t want to make things so troublesome, you can also directly use the robot to grab the electrodes and perform similar operations. :melting_face:

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