Joint-type lock

I added one joint to an actuator that was translational. I worked on a few points only to remember that this actuator also can do rotational motion. I highlighted the geometries inside of joint one that also could rotate and extracted a second link that was chained inside of link one. However it got stuck as “fixed” without letting me select rotational. Is there an easy fix to this? I have ran into this a few times in the past and just want to avoid having to look for a back-up. Thank you!

Hi jbte,

One reason the JointType might become stuck is that you have some interface or signals connected from the component to other components.

In order to edit the JointType you must disconnect all of the signals and interfaces. After that you can modify the JointType and other such properties.


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You were entirely correct. I figured that it was something very simple that I hadn’t noticed yet. Thank you very much!