Issue with transparent material after upgrading to VC 4.1


we recently got a new VC license key for the version 4.1 after our previous 4.0 key expired. Now we have an issue with transparent material in combination with the picture frame from the eCatalog.

If the camera is moved to a position where the transparent material is in front of the picture, the picture disappears. So we can not see pictures through transparent material.

In addition, in the new version 4.1 all transparent materials are even more transparent than in the old version 4.0. This is no big issue for us, but we need pictures behind transparent materials. Are there changes regarding the transparency of materials in the new version 4.1? Can anybody help us with this issue?

I already asked the VC support. They couldn’t help me but said, that some similar problems have already been mentioned by some customers.


I think I’ve found a workaround for you.

If you open the Python script of the picture frame and change line 49 from:




you can have a picture behind transparent material again.

Maybe someone from VC can change this and update it in the eCatalog?


Thanks a lot for the quick reply, it worked. It would be great if this is changed in the eCatalog.

I can’t do that!

Maybe you can give a reply to the support ticket you’ve created with this fix?

The ticket has already been closed, but I will open a new one with a request for this change.