Invisible Path Statement

Hello! I have seen in the video, that path statement is shown ans green after being generated.
But when I do it, the path is invisible. No position is shown at all. So I can’t correct the robot positions. Could anyone say, how do I make the path visible?

Hello, When you click generate, how many points do you in the path statement? There should be the first and the last point visible in the robot program, e.g. P1 and p100.

In the program I see P1 to P52, for example. Quite a number. When I click at those first and last positions (in the program), I can correct the positions. But other points aren’t shown in the program, nor the line itself is visible, so I can’t click it either.
I only see the line while I still make it. After I generate it, it becomes absolutely invisible.

Sounds like you’re not showing the points (frames). Check 3D World Toolbar that you have Robot Positions enabled.

To show all the points between P1 … P52 in the program editor, right-click the Path statement and “Select All” then uncheck “IsReference” in property panel and finally right-click again and select all and re-check the “IsReference” property.

That was exactly what I needed, now I can finally use path statement! All the points became visible. Thank you so much! :slight_smile: