Inspection Line - Camera on a robot

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to make an automated inspection line using a conveyor belt, and an articulated robot. for this, I need to mount a camera on the robot, for now, I don’t need the camera to work but it should be something that looks like a camera has been mounted on the robot.
Option 1: I saw a robot component called `eyes camera´ but I’m not sure what that is exactly
Option 2: I´m thinking about making a tool that looks like a camera (Not a gripper)

can anyone suggest how should I proceed with this? or if there’s a better idea?

Much Appreciated!

Once you have your camera component you can just place it on the robot where you want it and then you can attach it to the robot so it will move along with it. You can find attach tool from home tab in hierarchy field. So when the camera is in position you want you need to select it and then click attach and then click the part of the robot where you want it to be attached like for an example to the tool flange.

Is the camera mounted on the arm or as endeffector?

For the last case, you need to move the origin frame of the camera to the place where it should be mounted.

After that, use the endeffector wizard. Then you can attach the camera easily by moving it to the mounting plate of the robot.

Did you find out a way to get the camera to work?
Or are you just using it without?