When i import a selfmade component form my library, the error-output
Operation not found: (class rMatrix)int’ is shown. I would like to now what this means (i’m not very known with computercode errors etc.) and if/how i could solve this issue.

Thank you.


Somewhere in your component you have an expression which tries to do an operation with matrix and integer. Common place for such an error is for example in link offsets where you might use matrices like Tx(100) to do a transformation. Now if you have something like Tx(100) * 2 you have an operation between a matrix and integer which is not supported. Expressions like this can also be found in features, behaviours properties etc. So look for a malformed expression and try to fix it by removing the operation with an integer.

Also if you can share your component we might help you debug it.




Thanx a lot for your help. I was searching for a long time, but eventually i found the error: in an transform expression the code ‘0’ was written.