If statement in Input condition KUKA sim

Hi all,

Im looking for info regarding the “IF Statement” that is used in the Job Map in KUKA Sim.Pro 3.0.3. I want the robot to do one subroutine if $IN[1] ==TRUE, or another subroutine if $IN[2] == TRUE, or a third subroutine of $IN[3] == TRUE

My problem is though that my “IF command” in the Job map does not accept the condition “$IN[x] ==TRUE/FALSE” in “Statement Property” panel. It gives me the following error:

“Property “TRUE” in “IF $IN[3]==TRUE” is not found. Source object is . Target Property is “Condition”.”

It does accept for example 2+2 == 4, but such condition is rather useless for me.

Does any one know how the right “syntax” for using an input in the “IF Command”?


Thanks for your time!




I think the condition should be “IN[3]==True”.

Please check if that works for you.



Thanks ImHolms! It does work, when I think about it it kind of makes sense, its python based in the background, where TRUE should me True:)

Thanks for the fast reply !

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