I want to set the radio button to the property of PathStatement

PathStatement allows you to add any type of property using addSchemaProperties.
I want to be able to select the property type of PathStatement by radio button instead of BOOLEAN.
(It’s like Coominates’ World, Parent, Object.)
Ideally, Mode1 and Mode2 in the attached image can be selected by radio buttons.

Is this possible?

(I would like to add a radio button to SchemaProperty instead of StatementProperty.)


Or is there any way to set VC_PROPERTY_STEP in StatementProperty?



Attach sample code to add properties to PathStatement.

    path_statement = ActRoutine.addStatement('Path', ActiveIndex+1)
    my_props = [VC_BOOLEAN,"Mode1",VC_BOOLEAN,"Mode2"] 
    prop_indices = path_statement.addSchemaProperties(my_props)
    num =10
    for point_index in range(num): 
        Mode1 = True
        Mode2 = False
        position_values = (Mode1,Mode2) 
        path_statement.setSchemaValues(point_index, prop_indices, position_values) 
        path_handler = comp.getBehaviour("MyHandler") 
        path_statement.ProcessHandler = path_handler